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Episode 59: Kitchen Sink 13 (September 2014)

Welcome back to the SINK! Get ready to get down to this thick new episode filled to the rim with with chunky funky beats and boomin' groovy bass. ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Anhanguera & Alvaro Smart- Bad Guy Beats
2. Wayne Brett- Burn You So Bad
3. DJ Homewrecker- Call Me Crazy
4. Alvaro Smart- Havanna
5. Bobby & Klein- Music Sounds Better With Pills (DJ Mes Pill Popper Mix)
6. Blas Marin, Di Carlo & Madrid- Madafuckers
7. Alex Augello- Piano Room
8. Aback- Pappa's Home
9. Cajmere feat. Dajae- Satisfy (Tiger Stripes & Pleasurekraft Mix)
10. Cubase Dan- I Love The Way
11. Stefano Noferini- No Heading
12. Greendkeepers- Go (No Assembly Firm Mix)
13. Blakkat & H-Foundation- All I Need
14. Bryan Cox & Hazzaro- Underground
15. DJ Pierre- I can Feel It (Harvard Bass Mix)
16. Angelo Ferreri- He Needs You
17. Doorly- Groove Me
18. Camille- Gifted
19. Conga Squad- Fever
20. Benji Candelario- Macho
21. Cause & Affect- Beware Of The Swingers
22. Chemars- Let's Talk About House
23. Stanny Abram- Banyankole
24. Robosonic- Life Is Like
25. Jac N Jill- Play Me feat. Mena
26. Grooveyard- Watch Me Now
27. Cricco Castelli- Brazilica
28. Demarkus Lewis- Poppin' Fresh
29. Norbit- Sha Da
30. Hapkido- Jazz Breakin'
31. Housego- Mind In Motion (Arturo Garces Mix)
32. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango- The Break Water

Episode 58: A Homespun Sunday Session 1 (Side B, August 2014)

The second half of the Sunday session continues with a good mix of classic and new tracks.
[ download ]
22. Da Sunlounge- After The Funk
23. DJ Hal- Don't GIve Up feat. Jay Thomas (Lawnchair Generals Mix)
24. Alek Soltirov- No Freqin' Reason
25. Stephane Malca- Next To You (DJ Sneak Mix)
26. Veev- Come With Me (Doc Link Mix)
27. B.F.A.M.- Gimme Gimme
28. Ekkohaus- Odds
29. Nico K- Everybody Loves
30. Robot Needs Oil- Nothin' like Drums
31. Woolie Ballsax- Get Together
32. Thano Vessi- Great Job
33. Thano Vessi- Wink Back
34. Federico Molinari- Party Faktor (Robert Dietz Disco Desfinado Mix)
35. DJ Fudge- You Are My High
36. Rory Northall- Want More
37. B. Jinx- Bumpin' Ass
38. Real Time Hand Motion- Break Ya Neck
39. Francis Jilla & Johnny Drama- Uncle Freak
40. DJ Mes- Boom Chika Boom
41. Dan Ghenacia & Phil Weeks- First Step
42. The Scrapped Ones- Licky Burr
43. Ryan Anthony- Unconscious Therapy (Greenbay Jackers Mix)
44. Phono Jones & Mr. Uppity- Smokey's Message
45. Salvatore Vitrano- Gangsta Groove
46. Salvatore Vitrano- Filtered Groove

Episode 57: A Homespun Sunday Session 1 (Side A, August 2014)

It's here! Another mix to get your ears smiling. This is a two part mix mostly filled with great classic tracks from Inland Knights, Gene Farris, Big Bang Theory, Kardek, Da Sunlounge and many, many more. Of course there is a peppering of new tracks too. Hot jams from DJ Mes, Demarkus Lewis, Topa, Alek Soltirov and more. Enjoy!!!
[ download ]
1. Chemars- Beach House
2. Arturo Garces- Flip It
3. Steve Dare- Got Me Dancin'
4. Petrus- Take Me Home
5. Soul De Marin- Listen To My Heart
6. DJ Mes- No Love Lost
7. Wattie Green- Brasilia
8. Ryan Truman- Bobbi's River (Juwan's Rich Mix)
9. Inland Knights- Many Names
10. DJ Touche & Pepe- Tangerine
11. Justin Martin & Sammy D- Cats And Dogs
12. Joey Youngman- Like Butta
13. Tony Monero- Yellow Kitchen
14. Gene Farris- Sweeter
15. Gene Farris- The Way To Go
16. Topa- Wasting Time
17. Terry Waites- Swing Kick
18. Alek Soltirov- Underground Forever
19. Big Bang Theory- Watcha Say, C'mon!
20. Demarkus Lewis- Lady Iz A Tramp (Deez Revisit)
21. Kardek- Oh You
22. Da Sunlounge- After The Funk
23. DJ Hal- Don't GIve Up feat. Jay Thomas (Lawnchair Generals Mix)

Episode 56: Kitchen Sink 12 (July 2014)

The Sink is back and filled with the usual mix of hot new jams and classic tunes you may have forgotten about. ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Blue Satellite- Paris (Funk Mediterraneo Mix)
2. DJ Sneak- Bridgin' The Gap
3. Unknown- Knock Over
4. Bosco & Terell- Slick City
5. Hapkido- Freedom
6. Soydan- Roller
7. DJ Sneak- Going Get Got
8. Chemars- Lost In Music
9. J-Fader- Caramel Dreams
10. TBF- Sexopolis (Natural Rhythm Mix)
11. Wawa- Flamenco (Tribal Beats)
12. Johnny Fiasco- Yolo
13. Rescue- Critical
14. Fries & Bridges vs. Rice & Beans- Bitch I'm Broke
15. Tommy Largo- Some Funkyness (2014 Mix)
16. Cave Man- Nonstop
17. Demarkus Lewis- Everybody's High
18. Thomas White- Stompy
19. Sidney Charles- Hurricane
20. J Paul Getto- Bring It Back
21. Maurice Tamraz- All Night
22. Jasper Street Co.- Lift Every Voice (Mousse T Uplifting Dub)
23. DJ Dan & DJ Mes- Crisco
24. DJ Sneak- Ill Dish
25. Sidney Charles- 303 Love Story feat. Hector Moralez
26. Little Man Big- It's Emotional (Toka Project Mix)
27. Joeski- Find A Way feat. Mr. Reo (Full Vocal)
28. Captain Obvious- The Full Monty (Vocal Mix)
29. Tommy Largo- Everything Is Jazz (2014 Mix)
30. Robot Needs Oil- Soda
31. Sombionix & Lindsey- Reptile (Lego's Beat A Pella)
32. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Digital Catz
33. Arturo Garces & Lurob- We Should Be

Episode 55: Hobnob (June 2014)

[ download ]
1. Sylie G- The Funk Right Here
2. J Fader- Undervibes
3. Demarkus Lewis- Muse In Our Music
4. Demarkus Lewis- Love Is Heaven
5. UMEK- I Need You
6. DJ Sneak- Puttin' It Down
7. Thermo- Innocent Tool
8. Moose & Squirrel- Star Fox Groove
9. Le Babar & Verlenen- Come And Get It
10. Furmit- Dreamcatcher
11. Jamie D- Why Do
12. Sylie G- Body Move
13. Oliver Dollar & Jimi Jules- Pushing On
14. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Coming Home
15. Mike Sample- My Window Pain
16. Tommy Largo & Menno Overviliet- Warm Night (Scrubfish Mix)
17. Phunk Investigation- Body Back
18. Nick Garcia & Ruby Valeros- Just Talkin' (Arturo Garces Mix)
19. Funk Mediterraneo- Pulp Fiction
20. Double F- That Jack Track
21. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Reubern Extra Mustard
22. Ritmo Du Vela- Quick Escape
23. Rescue- Dancin' Shoes
24. Squirt D & CRS- House Thang
25. Cockney Lama- Vomvos
26. DeezBootz- Honey Penny
27. Felipe Avelar & CRS- Shake That Booty!
28. Mark Funk- Too Many Strings
29. Topa & Yakka- Wonders Of The Piano
30. Milty Evans- Bright Lights
31. Audio Jacker- Jack Dat Bass
32. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango- The Future Of Tomorrow
33. Phil Fuldner- Do That Dance

Episode 54: Look Ma, No Jazz Hands 2! (March 2014)

It's been almost 5 months since the last episode was released, but finally, a new mix is here! A sequel to one of the most downloaded episodes as well. Look Ma, No Jazz Hands 2 is packed full of great jazzy, swingin' tunes- new tracks and as always some great old classics! Thanks to everyone for their support and push to continue. ENJOY!!!
[ download ]
1. Mike Dixon- Let Me Off Swing Street
2. Greenskeepers- Keep Going
3. Richie Heller- Illanoize Jazz (Thomas White Mix)
4. Chanson E- Harlem Swing
5. Juice Operator- Swinging Hamp
6. Ruckus Roboticus- Chicks (Frankie J Digs 'Em Mix)
7. Anhanguera- Shake The Jazz
8. South Of Roosevelt- Jeepers Creepers
9. Housegroove- Jazzy Movement
10. Stranger Danger & Daisy Kelly- Swing Brother Swing (Jonene Mix)
11. DKS- Sing With A Swing
12. Dan X & Justin Long- Beans & Cornbread
13. J-Fader- Razzjazz (Scott Ducey Mix)
14. DJ Brame- Oui Papa
15. Wattie Green & 4Peace- Digga Digga This
16. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Harlem Man
17. Stranger Danger- Black Rhumba
18. Stranger Danger- Jazz Music
19. Kinky Movement- Minor Swing (TBF Mix)
20. Wattie Green- Dark Eyes
21. DJ Mibor- When You
22. Flapjackers- Tainted Jackers (Jeff Dougler And Balu Mix)
23. Unknown- Joe's Jazz Edit
24. Juwan Rates- Back In The Day
25. Mike Dixon- You Feel That Shit

Episode 53: Nightshift Part 6 (October 2013)

Boompty Boom! The next 6 episodes feature a recent epic 7-hour set filled with tons of great dance floor filling tracks! Download, turn on, turn up and ENJOY!!
[ download ]
89. Felipe Avelar- This Ain't No Game
90. Random Soul- Hit The Jack-pot
91. Christian Alvarez- Ghetto Boy
92. Forrest Avery & Derty D- Driftin' On By
93. Jeff Service- No Sleep
94. Mark Funk- Lady Bug
95. 4Peace- Phatty
96. DJ Mibor- Tourist
97. Federico Scavo- Funky Nassau
98. DJ Mes- We Got Our Own Thing
99. Mark Funk- Sanity
100. Erik Bo- Bounce
101. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Call The Cops
102. J Paul Getto- Handle Your Scandal
103. DJ Mes & Charles Feelgood- Flight School
104. Da Sunlounge & Inland Knights- Weekend
105. Matt Mason- Dreamin' (Stranger Danger Mix)
106. Alysha Kid- Mei Bee

Episode 52: Nightshift Part 5 (October 2013)

Boompty Boom! The next 6 episodes feature a recent epic 7-hour set filled with tons of great dance floor filling tracks! Download, turn on, turn up and ENJOY!!
[ download ]
71. DJ Spen- Fall Down On Me (Derrick Carter Mix)
72. Mark Funk- Ebony
73. Jay Vegas- Rock The Disco
74. Flapjackers- Ride It
75. Rescue & DJ Mes- Do The Freak
76. Wattie Green- Shinin' (Demarkus Lewis Mix)
77. Wise D & Kobe- Still The Same
78. J Paul Getto- The Ultimate
79. Tony Monero- Taken Time
80. Forrest Avery & Derty D- Friction & Fire
81. DJ Mibor- When You
82. Stranger Danger- Shadrack
83. Forrest Avery & Derty D- I'm A Dream
84. D-T3ch- Outta Ya Wheelchairs
85. Jeff Service- My '92
86. Scrubfish- Royal Roost
87. Mark Funk- Samplified
88. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Throbin Rickie (Blurry Dub)
89. Felipe Avelar- This Ain't No Game

Episode 51: Nightshift Part 4 (October 2013)

Boompty Boom! The next 6 episodes feature a recent epic 7-hour set filled with tons of great dance floor filling tracks! Download, turn on, turn up and ENJOY!!
[ download ]
53. Ant Brooks & DJ Jock- Brasshaus
54. DJ Troby- Down Under (Hardmix Mix)
55. Siwell & Umek- Get Funk
56. DJ Dan- Out Of Nowhere (Whitenoize Mix)
57. Jay Lumen- Drums & LFOs
58. Donald Glaude & Robert Ortiz- Sweet & Sticky (Audio Jacker Mix)
59. Hazzaro- Touch & Go
60. Ant Brooks- Kipon
61. Dave Clark- Way Of Life (DJ Sneak Mix)
62. Olav Basoski- Water (Remix)
63. Aaron Smith- Dancin' (PHNTM Mix)
64. Mark Funk- Francisco
65. Jangatha- Make Me Do
66. Olav Basoski- Mango Tree
67. Stacy Kidd- Flip Flop
68. Jorge Montia- Ready To Funk
69. Soydan- Nuri Duri
70. Tutto Matto- Peace (Justin Drake Mix)
71. DJ Spen- Fall Down On Me (Derrick Carter Mix)

Episode 50: Nightshift Part 3 (October 2013)

Boompty Boom! The next 6 episodes feature a recent epic 7-hour set filled with tons of great dance floor filling tracks! Download, turn on, turn up and ENJOY!!
[ download ]
36. DJ Dan & Gary Caos- Minibus
37. Funk Mediterraneo- Sunday Of Soccer
38. DJ Deka & Dave Rose- Ula Bula
39. Rescue- Work
40. Gussy & Delgado- Together
41. Mighty B & DB- You've Got Drunk Enough (Antoine Cortez Mix)
42. Rescue & DJ Mes- Booty Shakin'
43. Bad Zuke- I Don't Need You
44. Gary Caos- Miss Broadway (Tradelove Mix)
45. DJ Dan & TJR- Jacked Up Funk (DJ Dan's Tech Funk Mix)
46. Benjamin Shock- Midnight Mission
47. DJ Dan- Ghost
48. Legitimate Scandal- Fu Gee La
49. Dead Funk- Teeny Disco Boppers
50. Furmit- Test Pilot (DJ Mes Town Business Mix)
51. Digital Style- Undergo
52. Derrick Carter- Where U At! (Where Ya At, Now!)
53. Ant Brooks & DJ Jock- Brasshaus
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