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Episode 69: When All Is Said And Done (July 2015)

At the end of the night there are certain songs that just feel right. Over the years I've found songs that I keep coming back to and that audiences also respond to for the end of an epic night of dancing. "When All Is Said And Done" is a new series that will feature the songs that close out the party into one mix. Enjoy!
[ download ]
1. Mr. Patron- Remind Me
2. Marc Fairfield- Front Porch Blues
3. Artenvielfalt- How We Chill feat. Mylene
4. Sonny Fodera- Spooky
5. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango- Look At You
6. DJ Sneak- My Thing
7. Alex Tepper, M.in & Chriss Vogt- Bourban Street Swing
8. Brock Landers The Disco King- No More Lonely Nights
9. South Of Roosevelt- The Road
10. Alysha Kid- Mei Bee
11. 1200 Warriors- Crazierrr
12. Oriental Funk Stew & Olivier Desmet- It's Luv
13. Aback- Shudderlover (Doc Link Mix)
14. Jazzmopper J- Slippery Lil Sucka
15. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Fly Girl
16. Sugarcane Family- Baby Blues
17. Mike Dixon- Took Me Surprise
18. Doc Link- Make Me Cry
19. Maurice Tamraz- The One
20. Corduroy Mavericks- These Nights
21. Tommy Largo- G Funk
22. Mr. Nice Legs- Lovely
23. Fuzz Against Junk- Country Clunk
24. Poncho Warwick & Wally Callerio- Who Will Comfort Me (Guti Summer Loving Mix)
25. Atnarko & Lonely Boy- Closer (Nikolas Noam Mix)

Episode 68: Met-a-moR-Pho-siS (June 2015)

This mix is a constant slow transformation of grooves and beats that rise and fall like an ocean. The swells keep coming, getting bigger and smaller and in between the swells are moments of calm until that next set comes in and it all explodes at the wave's break. Enjoy!!!!
[ download ]
1. Isaac Lyman- Sorry Leego
2. Housego- Harlem Jack
3. Aaron Jackson & J.A.M.O.N.- Vows (Scrubfish Mix)
4. Tommy Largo- Feel It
5. Petrus- Ventura
6. Furmit- Smilefjes
7. Cockney Lama- The Yoman
8. Petrus- Move U
9. Tommy Largo- Violation
10. Ant Brooks- Aphelion (Mr. Bizz Mix)
11. Shaun J Wright & Alinka- I Wanna Go (Derrick Carter Mix)
12. Petrus- Better Groove
13. Maxim Lebedev- Radio Tuning
14. Around7- Gaye Party (Joss Moog Rework)
15. Johnick- Magic (Armand Van Helden Mix)
16. Angelo Ferreri- First Question
17. Levi Lyman- Funky Chicken (Soydan Mix)
18. Leech- WTF
19. Vesu- Satellite (Filta Freqz Mix)
20. Carter Bros- Run (Monty's Bonus Beats)
21. Petrus- Stash
22. Ant Brooks- AMS1
23. Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas- Shake
24. Maxim Lebedev- Disco Winner
25. Benjamin Shock- Lost Someone
26. Arturo Garces- 1K
27. DJ Sneak- I Need My Baby
28. Camilo Diaz- Junkie
29. Esteban de Urbina- Beat Plet
30. Maxim Lebedev- Promise Me
31. Gramophonedzie- We Love Each Other
32. Ruben Naess- Music Appreciation
33. Jay Lumen- The Line
34. Demuir- Hold It Down

Episode 67: Look Ma, No Jazz Hands 3! (May 2015)

Hey folks! It's time once again to put some swang in your thang! Here's 26 swingin' jazzy tracks for your listening enjoyment. ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Dirty Sole- Nu Jazz
2. Thano Vessi- Free At Last
3. Wattie Green- Straighten Up
4. Scrubfish- Improv Blue
5. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Blame It On The Mame
6. Doc Manny- Club 40's (Jeff Dougler & Balu Mix)
7. Cyril Yarisantos- That Old Swing
8. Patryk Molinari- Swingin' The House
9. Stacy Kidd- Jazzy Days (Remix)
10. Stranger Danger- Jericho
11. Parov Stelar- Hotel Axos
12. Combined- Music And Words
13. Funk Mediterraneo- Mediterranean Jazz (J Caprice & John Thomas Mix)
14. Corduroy Mavericks- What Good Is Music (Wattie Green Mix)
15. DJ Sneak- Big Band Jam
16. James Curd- Electro Swing
17. Soul De Marin- Jazz Boutique (Shane Maher Mix)
18. Wattie Green- Natural Mystic
19. Marc Fairfield- Laura's Swing
20. Stranger Danger- Old Joe (Jonene I Ain't Old Enough Mix)
21. Stranger Danger- Thang Swang
22. Jeremy Joshua- Pussy And The Cat
23. Stranger Danger- Flying Home
24. Chris Vench- Studio A
25. Lust Leg- Boogie Cowboy
26. Mike Dixon- Swing In The Horns

Episode 66: Mix Sixty-Six (April 2015)

Hey folks! Lots of beats for you here in this boompty new mix. Big beats, small beats, round beats, square beats, yellow beats and green beats- BEATS!! New tracks from Third Deck, DJ Mes, Wattie Green, Phil Weeks, JohnPrie, Delgado and many more. ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. DJ Sneak- Tribal Sexy (DJ Sneak Mix)
2. David Koeno & Beatamines- Scratch
3. Lawnchair Generals- The Truth
4. Phil & Dan- Ridin' High (John Larner's Old School Mix)
5. Rockwell & Landers- Little Helper 165-1
6. JR From Dallas- DC 10
7. Wattie Green- Lost N Found
8. Wattie Green- Call My Name
9. Phunk Investigation- Don't Laugh
10. Landshark- Dangerous (Instrumental)
11. Audio Jacker- Gonna See Me Blow (Dub Mix)
12. Delgado- Jacked Up
13. Mat-Eeez- Jiggerdy Jazz
14. Phil Weeks- Shades In Creation
15. Noel Nanton- Movin' Percussion
16. Demuir- Drama United
17. Chemars & Kosta- Uno (Chemars Jacked Out Edit)
18. DJ Mes- Dance Girl
19. Stanny Abram- Ventilateur De Plafond
20. Mossa- Town Hall (Eloi Brunelle Mix)
21. Third Deck- Inside Out
22. Third Deck- Loop Ya
23. Arturo Garces- Looking For Strangers
24. Paul Johnson- Sof Spot
25. JohnPrie- The Jazz Up (Milty Evans Re-Edit)
26. Mat-Eeez- Mat-Jazzz
27. Wattie Green- Hot N Heated
28. Phil Weeks- A Woman Alone
29. DJ PP- Groove You (Format B Mix)
30. Paces- Nothing's Forever feat. Kucka (James Curd Mix)
31. Chemars & Kosta- Uno
32. Mr. Patron- Suga Daddy
33. Loop Jacker- Reality
34. Gene Farris- Can't Keep You Down

Episode 65: A Homespun Sunday Session 2, Side B (February 2015)

The next installment is a funky two-parter filled with tracks by Freaky Behaviour, Demarkus Lewis, James O, J Paul Getto, Delgado, Alek Soltirov, Benjamin Shock, Phero, Turntable Brothers, Miss Mee, Stranger Danger and many many more. ENJOY!!!!!!
[ download ]
24. Kris Vanston- Saty Party (Stranger Danger Mix)
25. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango- Soul Panda
26. Gil Aguilar- 4 Da Culture
27. Benjamin Shock- Live For The Funk
28. Danny J Lewis- Ballistica (Dub)
29. DJ Mes & Rescue- Some Day
30. CEV's- Can't Stop Moving
31. Squirt D- The People's Groove
32. Audio Jacker- On Your Face
33. Disco Ball'z- Rescue Me
34. Daniele Mistretta- Muset
35. Stark Miller- When I Close My Eyes feat. Bilguissa (Silver Haze Mix)
36. Click Bait- Together
37. Maxim Lebedev- In Concert
38. Esteban de Urbina- Masmelo
39. Cupcakes- Oakland Playa
40. Hapkido- Confidence
41. Turntable Brothers- Get Down (TT Bros. Original Club Mix)
42. Miss Mee- Back To My Beat (Instrumental)
43. Brock Landers The Disco King- The Bad Guy (Veev's Bad Habit Mix)
44. RaShaan Houston- Be With You (J Paul Getto Classic Mix)
45. Stanny Abram- Makeda (Queen Of Sheba)
46. Milty Evans- What I Dream
47. Demuir- Childish Games
48. Stranger Danger- Spell On You

Episode 64: A Homespun Sunday Session 2, Side A (February 2015)

The next installment is a funky two-parter filled with tracks by Freaky Behaviour, Demarkus Lewis, James O, J Paul Getto, Delgado, Alek Soltirov, Benjamin Shock, Phero, Turntable Brothers, Miss Mee, Stranger Danger and many many more. ENJOY!!!!!!
[ download ]
1. Maurice Tamraz- Nasty By Nature
2. Freaky Behaviour- Sex Groove
3. Aback- Ask Yourself
4. Demarkus Lewis- The Disco Way
5. J. Caprice- Well Oh Well
6. James O- Everybody
7. The Wisemen- X feat. Jason Hodges (What You Want Mix)
8. Bad Zuke & Dele Sosimi- TMI (Bad Zuke Mix)
9. The Buffalo Bunch- Buffalo Club
10. J Paul Getto- Get It Baby
11. Pablo Gadeira- Eon
12. Delgado- One For The Jokers (D's Not Ripped Mix)
13. Krankbrother- Thank You Baby
14. Cricco Castelli- Jazz Revenge
15. 8Track- What Do You Want
16. Saleem Razvi- Keep Up (Juice Yippee Ki Yay Mix)
17. Phero- Wild Pitch
18. Angelo Ferreri- Isn't Music (Demuir's Payboy Mix)
19. Alek Soltirov- The Instructions
20. Verleneen- Some Dubbin'
21. Bewbz- Let's Go
22. J-Fader- Spiritual Dreams
23. Turntable Brothers- Get Ready
24. Kris Vanston- Saty Party (Stranger Danger Mix)

Episode 63: 5ive Years Of Beats (January 2015)

Unbelievable! It's been five years! Since January 2010, there have been over 1,500 songs, played on 62 episodes, receiving well over half a million downloads. To celebrate, here is a mix to honor this podcast's 5 year anniversary. ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Wattie Green- 5 o'clock (Sonny Fodera Mix)
2. Hector Moralez- You Can't Get None (Five Finger Rub)
3. Junia Ovadose- 2 For 5's
4. Tommy Largo- Underground Five
5. No Assembly Firm- Ghetto Fab In '05 (Kink Mix)
6. Freeform Five- Break Me (Derrick Carter's Freestyle Restyle)
7. Larry Fives- Dance Me Dance You
8. Larry Fives- Dance Me Dance You (Inland Knights Mix)
9. Jangatha- Dan Head (Jang's 5 Mile Down The Road Edit)
10. Point Five- Like This
11. Wise D & Kobe- 50,000 Watts
12. Benjamin Shock- Five Smooth Stones (Yan Smooth Stone Edit)
13. Prztz- Five Days Of Funk
14. Howard Sessions- Meddlin' With Me Melody (Larry Fives Mix)
15. Flashmob- Ninety Five
16. Pezzner- Three Out Of Five
17. Point Five- One For The Road
18. Point Five- No Time For You
19. Vince Moogin- 5 Dollar Shake
20. Kinky Movement- McPhat 5
21. Inland Knights & Larry Fives- No Resistance
22. Kaiserdisco- 5th Element
23. Style Of Eye- Whiz Kid (Larry Fives Whiz Bang Pop Mix)
24. Unknown- Gimme Five
25. Sliced Booty- 5 Mins Of RBL Posse
26. Audio Jacker- Jacker's 5th Symphony
27. Oriental Funk Stew & Olivier Desmet- Five Plus
28. Inland Knights & Larry Fives- Another Way
29. Sante- Five Boroughs (Leon NYC Dub)
30. Marco FiveP- Previous Life
31. Simba- 5 Minutes With Beaumont (Le Babar Mix)
32. The Sound Diggers- The Jizz Jacka (Point Five's Rub It Out Mix)
33. Jon Allegro- 5 On It (Jacked Ibiza Edit)
34. Terry Francis- Three Point Five
35. Point Five- Sunny
36. Flight Facilities- With You Every Way feat. Grovesnor (Danny Daze 5am Mix)

Episode 62: From The Archives 7: The Peralta Warehouse Tapes (Tape 1, 4.20.98)

Digging through the archives again. In a deep, dark corner I found a few mixes from 1997-98. 17 years!! These were recorded to cassette tape, so some serious EQ was needed to clean these up. It gets a little rough in places since I had only been mixing for about a year, but damn there are some great classic old tunes in there! ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Green Velvet- The Preacher Man
2. Jedi Knights- Unknown
3. Unknown
4. Double 99- Ripgroove
5. Unknown- Come On And Stop
6. Unknown
7. Terraform Promo- Side A
8. I:Cube- Mingus In My Pocket
9. Big Bang Theory- When U Touch Me feat. Carolyn Harding
10. Wish Mountain- Radio
11. John Kano- Havana Funk
12. Unknown- Make Your Body Move
13. DJ Q- Feelin' Moody
14. Green Velvet- Answering Machine (Mark Grant's Main Pass)
15. Basement Jaxx- Fly Life (Cajmere "Green Velvet" Mix)
16. Wamdue Project- Where Do We Go (Armand's Last Hustle In Paris)
17. Prophets Of Sound- Show You Love
18. Blak Dokter- I Believe So Strong (Original Afterglow Mix)
19. The People Movers- C Lime Woman
20. DJ Sneak- Sneak's A Freak
21. Mike Knapp & Eric Davenport- Suckas Down (Down Dub 1)
22. Phaedra- Deep Street

Episode 61: Kitchen Sink 14 (November 2014)

Welcome back folks! Another episode of Kitchen Sink here. This Kitchen Sink really has it all. It's packed to the rim with a bit of funk, a bit of disco, a bit of acid, a bit of tech, a bit of jack and always a mix of new and old tunes. ENJOY!!!
[ download ]
1. Cupcakes- New Position (Dub)
2. Lupe Fuentes Level Groove- Something Funky (J Paul Getto Mix)
3. Andre Harris- It's Music (Sean Smith's Smooth Agent Disco Instrumental)
4. Bobby & Klein- Go
5. Wattie Green- Been There
6. Markus Winter- Alright (Toka Project DJ Tool)
7. Petrus- Searching
8. Demuir- Whatcha Missin'
9. Petrus- Today
10. Andrew Lozano- Why Don't Ya (Underground Sound) (DJ Mes Town Business Mix)
11. Mark Funk- Lost
12. Angelo Ferreri- Saxeggiare (Ruben Naess Mix)
13. CEV's- Never Enough (Wallas Mix)
14. Alicia Keys- No One (DJ Sneak Deep Mix Instrumental)
15. Disco Ball'z- Bailar
16. Jedi Knights- Takin' Over Me
17. Salvitore Vitrano- Monster Funk
18. Hati Munesti- Ceremony (Acapella)
19. Alex Jones- Voltage
20. Unknown- Doin' Ya Thang
21. Righeira- Vamoz A La Playa (Dance Movement)
22. Olav Basoski- Shine
23. My Robot Friend- Swallow (D's We An Army Dub)
24. Simon Adams- Freaky To You
25. Rescue- Press On
26. De Sluwe Vos- Poltergeist
27. Tripmastaz & DJ Sneak- Roll Back
28. Joey Youngman- One Thousand Words
29. Topa- Freaky Things
30. Freaky Behaviour- Evil In The Basement
31. Erik Bo- House Linde
32. Audio Jacker- Here We Go
33. Johnny Fiasco- I Remember
34. Olene Kadar- Little Miss Dynamite (Anton Pleete Mix)
35. Delgado- Trouble With Jazz (D's No Trouble Mix)
36. Topa- Can You Feel It
37. Demuir- 5 Is 9
38. Boney M- Nightflight To Venus
39. Angelo Ferreri- Isn't Music
40. Mood II Swing & John Ciafone- Do It Your Way (Instrumental)
41. Rescue- The Sweetest Way
42. Demarkus Lewis- Wash Ur Ass

Episode 60: HARD-PRESSED (October 2014)

Episode 60 coming at ya! This is a bit off my normal path, but a fun listen. Great tracks from Nick Jagger, Mr. Patron, DJ Bang, Dan Warby, Jazzmopper J, Hapkido and many more. ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Hapkido- Shorty Says
2. Roshan- That Swing
3. Lusty Leg- Mean Man
4. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- World Go Round
5. Biboulakis- My Name Is...
6. Jazzmopper J- Trippa
7. D-t3ch- Triple Oh
8. LC- Shake That
9. Alkesh & Roshan- Back To Back
10. Mr. Nice Legs- A Little Bit Of Summer
11. DJ Bang- When I Get You Alone
12. Block & Crown- Browsville (Hazzaro Mix)
13. Freaky Behaviour- Harlem Swell
14. Dan Warby- Get Down (J. Caprice's Mad Flavor Mix)
15. Hapkido- The Bump
16. Loop Killaz- Jazz Me
17. Anyo- Play
18. Stranger Danger- Jump Around
19. Rescue- My Style
20. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Wanna Know
21. Sonny Fodera- Let It Roll
22. Mr. Patron- Woo
23. Nick Jagger- Who Shot Ya (Wattie Green Mix)
24. Funkfest- New Jack Swing
25. Vernon & DaCosta- As Darkness Falls feat. Apple Rochez (Giom Mix)
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