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Episode 79: Hats Off! A Tribute to the Inland Knights, Part 3 (July 2016)

[ download ]
1. Inland Knights- Like This
2. Pete Dafeet- Head Trauma (Inland Knights Mix)
3. Inland Knights- What To Do
4. Inland Knights- Boy
5. Inland Knights- Borrowed 41
6. Inland Knights- Don't Need No One
7. Inland Knights & Larry Fives- Another Way
8. Inland Knights- On Da Beat
9. Inland Knights- Soundsystem
10. Nonbelievers- Humble Me (Inland Knights Mix)
11. Inland Knights- Hard Bread
12. Inland Knights- Long Time
13. Inland Knights- In My Car
14. Swirl People- Future Signs (Inland Knights Mix)
15. Inland Knights- Waster
16. Inland Knights- Blame
17. Inland Knights- Hand Writing
18. Inland Knights- Here Come The Killa
19. Unknown- Flavour Remix (Inland Knights Layered Dub)
20. Inland Knights- Shirly Man
21. Da Sunlounge & Inland Knights- All Good
22. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- World Go Round
23. Inland Knights- People
24. Da Sunlounge- Happening Now feat. Nice Brooke (Inland Knights Mix)
25. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- About Us
26. Inland Knights- Speak Hip
27. Inland Knights- Digital Dust
28. Inland Knights- Waiting
29. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Crazed

Episode 78: Hats Off! A Tribute to the Inland Knights, Part 2 (May 2016)

Ladies and gentlemen, please give the floor to the one and only Inland Knights! ENJOY!!!
[ download ]
1. Inland Knights- Straight Up
2. Inland Knights- Sound System
3. Inland Knights- Nomad
4. Inland Knights- Gonna Wait
5. Inland Knights- Kept Secret
6. Inland Knights- Too Much
7. Inland Knights- Thin Ice
8. Inland Knights- Kiss It
9. Inland Knights- Bop Drop
10. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Right All Night
11. Liquid Phonk- I Don't Dance (Inland Knights Space Odyssey Mix)
12. Candy Apple- Step 2 Me feat. Anjou (Inland Knights Mix)
13. The Sound Republic- Imaginary Lover feat. J-Todd (Inland Knights Mix)
14. Inland Knights- Too Hi
15. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Work It Out
16. Inland Knights- Pass It On
17. Inland Knights- Speak Hip (Ezra Osborn's Heavy Mix)
18. Inland Knights- Can't Wait
19. Inland Knights- Control
20. Inland Knights- There it Go
21. Inland Knights- Get High
22. Inland Knights- I Think Of You
23. Inland Knights- Slummin' It
24. Inland Knights- Believe
25. Inland Knights- Reality Check
26. Inland Knights- Same Talk
27. Colette- If (Inland Knights Mix)
28. Da Sunlounge & Inland Knights- Feel It
29. Inland Knights- I Feel This Way

Episode 77: Hats Off! A Tribute to Inland Knights, Part 1 (May 2016)

Here's to the Inland Knights! A long time inspiration to me. CHEERS!!!! AND ENJOY!!!!!
[ download ]
1. Inland Knights- Find Yourself
2. Inland Knights- Cloud 99
3. Inland Knights- Sound System (Jay West Mix)
4. Inland Knights- Not Alone
5. Inland Knights- Push It
6. Inland Knights- I Am So Right
7. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Borrowed Vol. 5, Track A
8. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Weekend
9. Inland Knights- Can’t Stop
10. Inland Knights- Not Crazey
11. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge- Pop
12. Inland Knights- Index
13. Alan Barratt- My Kinda Music (Inland Knights Mix)
14. Inland Knights- Over You
15. Lance Leber- Chemical Bond (Inland Knights Mix)
16. Inland Knights- Gonna Miss You
17. Inland Knights- Jazjam
18. Inland Knights- Bounce
19. Inland Knights- Figure It Out (Downtempo Mix)
20. Inland Knights- Gonna Miss You (Chemars Mix)
21. The Sound Diggers- Lowdown n’ Blue (Inland Knights Mix)
22. Inland Knights- Gonna Be Alrite
23. Inland Knights- Back Chat
24. Inland Knights- Sometimes
25. Inland Knights & Larry Fives- No Resistance
26. Inland Knights- Many Names
27. Inland Knights- Reggie’s Jam
28. Inland Knights- Speak Hip (Demarkus Lewis Warp Speed Mix)
29. Andy Kinky Movement & Tom Special Interest- Homage (Inland Knights Mix)
30. Inland Knights- The Game

Episode 76: The Rugcutter's Handbook, Lesson 5: Show Your Hand (February 2016)

The last lesson in the Rugcutter's Handbook is not one to be missed! It's full of amazing tracks from the past and present that will spark movements in your feet! ENJOY!!!!
[ download ]
1. Permanent Markers- Jazz Bomb
2. Le Babar- Body Freak
3. Kings Of Tomorrow- Fade II Black
4. Disco Hooligans- Jaws Returns
5. Pezzner- Cognac
6. J Paul Getto- Happy Home
7. 8Track- What Do You Want
8. Jedi Knights- Chicago Chicago
9. Mr. Jefferson- Funk Matters
10. Armin Van Helden- Swamp Thing
11. Ketel Juan- Back Track Jack
12. Giano & Hawley- Stacked
13. DJ Homewrecker- Go Mobile
14. J Paul Getto- Acid Puff
15. DJ Mibor- Nothing Right
16. Alien Disco Sugar- Jeopardy
17. Boogie Down Edits- Tamiko's Groove
18. Gramaphonedzie- Ohara
19. DJ Deeon- Freak Like Me
20. Johnny Fiasco- Rollin'
21. Jangatha & Jeff Service- Feel Like Talking
22. Alex Long & Stanny Abram- Charlie
23. Simon Adams & Stefano Mango- Soul Panda (Man Without A Clue Mix)
24. DJ Fudge- Come On Dance
25. James Curd & J Dub- Too Cool To Dance
26. DJ Mes- Chanson D' Amour
27. Mario Fabriani- Winter In Bahia
28. Leon Louder- Love To Dance

Episode 75: The Rugcutter's Handbook, Lesson 4: Take A Breath (February 2016)

Slip your hat on and twist your stompin' boots tight! We're back in action with a guide to move your feet! Enjoy!!
[ download ]
1. Erik Bo & Wallas- You're The Star
2. Funkyloco- SLow & Sexy (Jazzy Eyewear Mix)
3. Juxtapozishin & B.Jinx- Freaks In The Streets
4. DeezBootz- Sweet Sweet Love
5. 4Peace- Stompin' Grounds
6. Stranger Danger- Make Me Smile
7. Chanson E- Come Back
8. Inland Knights- On Da Beat
9. Nick Castillo- Now
10. Pezzner- Seventy-Six
11. Craig Hamilton- Sensi Star Cuts (See You Around)
12. DJ Homewrecker- New World In My View
13. DJ Homewrecker- New World In My View (Saison Mix)
14. J Caprice- Don't Feed Into This (Vocal Edit)
15. Opolopo & Sacha Williamson- Candy Coated Perfection (Pezzner's Swingset Version)
16. Maurice Tamraz- Malevolent
17. Jazzamplers- The Meeting
18. Joey Youngman- Jerry Curls
19. Harry Llama- All The Way Live
20. Juan Chousa- Grooving
21. Joss Moog- Smith
22. Inland Knights- I Think Of You
23. Hapkido- Whatever You Say
24. Kenyon Ricardo- Nic's Groove (Vocal Mix)
25. Corduroy Mavericks- Lezduit

Episode 74: The Rugcutter's Handbook, Lesson 3: Sweep The Leg (January 2016)

Slip your hat on and twist your stompin' boots tight! We're back in action with a guide to move your feet! Enjoy!!
[ download ]
DJ PP- Big Funk
Jay Ueta- Phono Sax (Luca M Mix)
Jeff Lober- Keep On (Chris Simmonds Hype Dub)
Ramon Tapia- Mi Esposa
Uneaq- Rising Son
The Sound Diggers- Funk Struck
Monkey Safari- Zumbador
Stanny Abram- The Happy Hooker
Maxim Lebedev- Back To 1993
DJ Sneak- Goofy Ass Track
Dominic Martin- Weapon
Mike Dixon- Break Battle
Demuir- Who Dis?
DJ Funkso- Funk Me
Dimitri Bruev- Fausto
Nick Callisto- The Journey
DJ Mes & Sonny Fodera- No Jet Lag (Simon Adams & Stefano Mango Mix)
Ant Brooks- Susan
Boogie Down Edits- Por Que Me Invitan
Jay Lumen- Get Yaa!
Victor Calderone & Wattie Green- The Pleasure Chant (Levi's Mashup)
Horatio & Freakme- Born In 1931 (Silentalk Mix)
Hector Moralez & Katal- Acid Roll
Sidney Charles- 303 Love Story feat. Hector Moralez (Patrick Topping Mix)
Milty Evans- Nothing That I Do
Housego- Summer Rain

Episode 73: The Rugcutter's Handbook, Lesson 2: How To Work (December 2015)

Slip your hat on and twist your stompin' boots tight! We're back in action with a guide to move your feet! Enjoy!!
[ download ]
1. Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi- Play
2. Funkyloco- Samba Jazz
3. Demarkus Lewis- Break Standards
4. Housego- Ashford Jacker
5. Track Stars- Under Sheets (Atnarko Mix)
6. Mike Dixon- 2 Sum Swang
7. JT Donaldson- Vanguard Nights
8. Angelo Ferreri- Move To Dance
9. Jay Vegas- Vicious
10. Maurice Tamraz- Chunky Monkey
11. DJ Sneak- Magique (Affani & Andy Slate Mix)
12. Chris Carrier- La Fabourienne
13. Tim Green- Reed
14. Mark Groove- Move N' Groove
15. Monoman- HitEmUp
16. Lee Guthrie- Do This
17. Mark Groove- Sizzling Groove
18. J Square- Get Wicked In This Joint
19. Jamie D- That Preacher Man
20. Erik Bo & Wallas- Welcome To Our World
21. NDKj_Funkest Star
22. Housego- Olav's Way
23. Bolumar- Down Low
24. Demuir- The Get Down
25. The Push Button Orchestra- Still Beating On
26. Alek Soltirov- Around This Love
27. Wattie Green- Can You Get Down

Episode 72: The Rugcutter's Handbook, Lesson 1: Basic Cutting (December 2015)

Slip your hat on and twist your stompin' boots tight! We're back in action with a guide to move your feet! Enjoy!!
[ download ]
1. Sean Patrick- That's Jazz Music
2. Angelo Ferreri- Get Press (Doc Link Mix)
3. Rescue- S.T.E.P.
4. Hamdi Ryder- Fever
5. Alek Soltirov- Around This Love
6. Tourist- Ticket To Ride (Freaky Behavior Mix)
7. Deez Bootz- Let's Get Down (Rescue & Steve Synfull Mix)
8. Housego- Special Delivery
9. Troydon- Waxed (The Sound Republic Mix)
10. Planet Jumper- Don't Make No Waves, Don't Back No Losers
11. Brett Johnson- Breathe
12. White Lotus Society- Space Cadillac (Derrick Carter's Club Vocal Mix)
13. Kenton Slash Demon- Brunn
14. DJ Dan & Bartouze- Jukebox
15. Gramophonedzie- Extravaganza
16. DJ Dan & divaDanielle- I Got A Man
17. Anhanguera- Alright All Night
18. Demuir- Ode To Chicago II
19. Ludowick- Monoplastic (Tom Ellis Mix)
20. Myunghoi Choi- Opal
21. Santiago & Bushido- Sax Trax
22. 1200 Warriors- Feel It (Vox Intro)
23. J-Fader- F.D.C. Put It On
24. Manjane- Go On
25. Crussen- Bag It Up
26. Dave Hustle- Do The Hustle

Episode 71: Kitchen Sink 15 (October 2015)

The Sink is back and filled with gooey beats to wet your feet with! Some nice old classics in here as well as some new classics to be. ENJOY!!!!!
[ download ]
1. Glen Coates- Nunchuck
2. J Fader- Sasigo Disco (Arek Zagden Mix)
3. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Public Transit
4. Dusty Fruit- English Vintage
5. LandShark- Tie Me Up (Subtle Dub)
6. Hector Moralez- Acid Wash (Daniel Nitsch Mix)
7. Nathan Coles & Dave Coker- Sweat Bomb
8. Jeff Haze- Hillbilly
9. Lee Mortimer- And This Is Good
10. Jay Vegas- Don’t Stop (Dub)
11. Shaunyboy- Clap Your Hands
12. Adam Port- Sally
13. Manjane- Hanky Panky
14. Stranger Danger- Backstreet Strut
15. Ant Brooks- Off
16. Joey Youngman- Unconditional feat. Fourfeet
17. Demarkus Lewis- Make My Body Werk
17. DJ Sneak- Funky Rhythm (Scrubfish Disco Lite Mix)
18. H-Foundation & C1- Kontrol Room (Sneak’s HG Dub)
19. Mihai Popovicu- Hango N (Daniel Sanchez 7 Minutes Of Love Mix)
20. Phil Fuldner- Jive Jack feat. Cadence
21. Shaunyboy- Disco Power
22. Nick Castillo- Got To Be
23. Mike Dixon & The Global Downloaders- Back 2 Africa feat. Kenyan Children
24. Mr. G- Road Tested
25. Robot Needs Oil- Coco The Cat
26. Alexander Fog- Nasty Teddy Bear
27. Shonky- Crapulerie
28. Housego- Far Away, Pt. 2 (Arturo Garces Mix)
29. Nick Castillo- Brothers In Funk
30. The Scrapped Ones- Beat You Like A Rattle
31. Laj & Quakerman- R. U. Down?
32. Little Man Big- Just Too Much
33. James Curd- Way Of Life
34. Saison- Please Don’t Go

Episode 70: HARD-PRESSED 2 (August 2015)

[ download ]
1. Sliced Booty- 5 Minutes Of RBL Posse
2. John Pridgen- Tokyo Paris
3. CRS & Squirt D- On Point
4. Richie Kidd- Getting Soul
5. Anhanguera- Sophisticated Confusion
6. Verlenen- On Da Mic
7. Bibz- Girls
8. William Alexander- Freaky Relaxation (DJ Sneak Mezmerized Mix) 9. LC- Da Mystery
10. Forrest Avery & Derty D feat. Marv Ellis & The Acoustic Minds- Explosive Speech
11. Gussy- Lick Shots
12. Busy & Spoon- Blase (Friction Dub)
13. Mike Dixon- You Ain't Shit
14. Demarkus Lewis- Ill Behavior
15. Freaky Behaviour- Pha-Real
16. Hapkido- The Funk Is On
17. Jazzmopper J- You Sunk My Battleship
18. Hapkido- Outta The Hood (B. Jinx Mix)
19. Goodfellas feat. Verse- Cheers To The Bad Guy (Dj Sneak Toasty Mix)
20. J Caprice- On A Budget
21. Lloyd Kenny- This Getting Serious
22. Alex Cellar feat. Gang Starr- Who's Gonna Take The Weight (Dunecat's Gonna Take It Mashup)
23. Jason Hodges feat. William Alexander- Keep It Live
24. Mattie Green- Big World
25. DJ Sneak & Mista D- Bob Dobbalina (Mista D Mix)
26. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control (DJ Sneak Deep House Mix)
27. Mark Funk & Danny Cruz- Real Love
28. Corduroy Mavericks- Open Your Eyes
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