A DJ, sound designer, composer, and producer, Levi Lyman began his musical journey from a young age, banging on pots and pans and any other sound-makers he could find around the house. From back in the days of recording music on the radio and making mix tapes, to today’s monthly podcasts that reach music lovers around the world, Levi has always loved sharing music with others. His life goal is to make music that moves the world, whether it be thumping on the dance floor or pumping through headphones.

Education-wise, Levi first studied at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, CA, and then received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sound Arts at Ex’pressions Center for New Media in Oakland, CA in 2000. Afterwards, Levi interned with Narada Michael Walden at Tarpan Studios, working on demos for artists such as LL Cool J and Whitney Houston. In 2001, he and cross-media funk-meister Josh Franks formed Magnum Turnstyle, an experimental electronic music project that incorporates elements of funk, jazz, and hip hop blended into a sci-fi cinematic experience. In 2002, he moved to Beijing to join a team of composers to found Tea Records, an independent label focused on fusing traditional Chinese instruments with electronic music. After a five-year stint in television production, he returned to his musical roots in 2009 and started Bad Egg, a sound studio providing a range of audio services, from composing and editing to mixing and mastering.

Levi fell in love with House music in the mid-90s over years of underground house parties in Northern California’s Bay Area. In ’96 he invested in a pair of Technic 1200s and began life as a DJ. Since then, he’s played in both U.S. and China, held residencies at top clubs in Shanghai and Beijing, and supported DJs from around the world. Levi sees every set as its own unique journey and loves creating long, deep transitions where tracks meld to form new sounds that keep crowds bouncing. Although Levi remains a vinyl junkie, he’s stays on top of the evolving technology in DJ equipment and loves the versatility and convenience of the digital age. These days, he is on the forefront of bringing underground house to China, playing across the spectrum of underground house, from funky and jackin to tech and deep.